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what now what now whatnow


I found XII in an art shop in Poitiers, ~c. Relative Youth. Few shops are more fantastic than art & craft shops; pure opportunity packaged in unlikely lurid plastic blisters. I bought some… Continue reading

XII 85: with text


XII 85: +text

less sense, more doing

Vietnam (outward)


The junks that pantomime around Ha Long Bay are nevertheless quite beautiful. In ways, there are probably bits of genuine culture that will survive even in the most septic tourism conglomerations, because their… Continue reading

X 52: the end of book X


To freak the kids out, we’re going to put the last page first, and the first page last, and then when browsing it will be displayed in the correct order. Why I’m writing… Continue reading

brief update


guess what i connected the printscanner expect more now that I can

Right so;


I’m going to go out, take just my music and skchbk, and put what i draw in here. This could be a regular feature folks. Ho ho ho ho, just kidding; I never… Continue reading