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XIII 149 – 152: totally called it


M and I went to body and soul: M dressed as a glitter vector, I as a cardboard bear. Observe concept. How flattering to one’s ego. Bunch of stuff: R Kiely, M FitzG,… Continue reading

XIII 145-148: just a kind of ..opaque fact


congratulations: brother and his excellent lady. an island? a distorted, contorto-neck, sans cranium but mit elbow. Love’s lips, glasses. pizza: secure delivery. a dead chick, found. refinery practice. The wonderful MOL (apologies). Aaaand… Continue reading



Steward Print is an interesting and unsettling process, largely because on leaving a world of familiar and perfect replicas, encountered on a minute-to-minute, day-by-day basis, your mother enters a world where nothing can… Continue reading