Space tree

space tree

This was done at the request of a friend who’s name rhymes with Emboss Ferret.  It began in one of his philosophy tutorials, where the class tried to come up with a creature or other form of life which could exist independent of all Other forms of life. Of course, this would require it’s own self-creation, a theme popular in religion for one, but I suppose thats not important. It was a really cool idea, and although a fair bit of thought went into it, it too cumbersome to explain and wasn’t really necessary.

I’m assuming he (“Emboss”) gave me the space tree idea. His lecturer seemed pretty happy with it, although he wouldn’t give me any credits.

Taught me a lot about the need for an obvious story-progression, as most people are a bit confused as to the direction in which it should be read (it’s left-to-right), probably because it’s simply too cluttered.