Collab page 1 ("small")

About three years ago I had a conversations with Æ wherein he showed me collaborative sketchbooks online: it was such a great idea that I went out and bought a book to collaborate on. We worked out a handful of people who might be interested in adding to the thing: then the book passed out of all knowledge.

(one of the reasons it got buried and lost was that it was my go first, and I had no idea what to put in the book, or even what sort of what I should put in there. Another reason was a page that went nowhere was also started, but eventually got scrapped in a particularly dramatic flourish.)

Well now, page one is done and the book is on it’s way. Page 1 oughtn’t define the next entry, but it does extend over into page 2 (?) a little. Hopefully the next page will spew all over the place, I’d like that.

On the off chance you want in on the sketchbook: ⇓