Heart Cooks Brain

Heart Cooks Brain.

Heartmonculous! Fighting a Cerebrosuit! Themselves at the mercy of larger malevolencies.

Design for a mightywallet. Also, I love brown paper, so the inside is:


If you’ve been wondering what inks work best on Dynomighty tyvek DIY wallets:

staedtler pens  :        avoid like the plague: they blur right out.
sharpie             :        pretty great: get one of the ultra fine, ~.4mm sharpies. waterproof, but not promarker proof.
standard biro  :        pretty damn good, but will run with promarker colours, and isn’t waterfast.
pencil                 :       looks nice (+6B), but it will not stay. Don’t trust it just because you love pencils.
whiteboard (non-xylene):       surprisingly good, but too coarse.

I eventually (~2yrs) settled on sharpie superfine, and promarker: those were what I had to hand. The sharpie ink bonded pretty well with the tyvek material, but (again) promarker solvent bled the detail. This is to be expected: it’s like decrying smells for not | staying | in | discrete, | tidy | compartments|.

Likewise, the fibrous plastic strands that make up the paper-like wallet will sponge up ink in large ugly blots: be careful and quick with your strokes (unless you’re doing something neat with ugly blots).

Why anyone would want a pre-completed paper wallet is beyond me; however I imagine paying £12 for an origami quasi~paper wallet is beyond plenty of other people when ye could, quite simply, make one yerself.

Looks like this is becoming a review.

  • Personalising my commerce-pocket does wonders for my middle-class guilt: I’m outside the system because my wallet is neither leather nor nylon. here are no more boundaries to transcend.
  • Plenty of space (“expandable”). This is fine, assuming you don’t want to carry anything thick. For instance, wads of receipts, business cards and any coins will deform the thing, and it’ll disgorge it’s contents on the floor. Not what you want, particularly as many males carry condoms out of dutiful optimism. Easily fixed though: a bit of tape will restrain the folds. A little velcro patch would be a goddamn innovation.
  • It won’t last, and realising that allowed me to finally just do the thing. It’ll age, and the inks will fade, bleed or be supplanted. Updates as they occur!

8 out of 10 for these wallets. The DIY wallets are worth a browse (graph paper, colours etc.) on the above link.