House Devost kobold

The Mk.i kobold (house shrine) for House Devost.

Original sketches for this are at the end of Vol.XII, and were significantly more ornate: this guy was just within my means as it was, and I’m curious to see how he weathers. Clay and balsa wood are not willing bedfellows, and must be forced together with paperclips, matches, more clay.

I genuinely considered incorporating the house router and a computer into the kobold; grafting utility to some carried personality; amateur homunculous, golem AI. It could well happen in subsequent versions, despite the fact that this is already bordering on an indulgence in spiritualism, and souls are for losers.

One of the most appealing aspects of working in 3D is distilling what were previously massive, roving concepts into tangible and discrete objects, which can then be considered, venerated, overlooked, obliterated. I imagine this process of consolidating the abstract into actual, manipulable space to be a fairly crucial part of why we “make art”, why we like to worship “things” and why science (e.g. RasMol and AR) is arousing.