XII 38 – 39: Philippinspiration

Man, what a title. See what I did there? That’s improv. You can use that. Gratis, you know?

The doodle of the feather star <ECHINODERMATA>>CRINOID>>?> was from a dive, where this featherstar was stalking over the surface of some boulder: the intricacies of the creature were dizzying, and some day I will return to do them some sort of concessionary justice. It can’t be explained, but it’s a reminder.

Two doodles from a well-intentioned but small zoo we found in Cebu.

Also, The Watchers from Tolkien, large horrifying, semi-sentient, and grotesque carvings at Cirith Ungol which struck me as being quite “separate” from the rest of the narrative. This presumably means they weren’t stolen from European mythology.