X: 18 – 19 Hello Apollo, where should I begin?

X 18-19: Coheed concept, commuters

Some music embeds itself in the way you construct your daily narrative (right?): for some time two such albums (one such band) have been Coheed and Cambria’s “‘III” & “‘IV“. The over-blown narrative and pubescent, indulgent metal eventually spoiled, but before things got that far the lyrics and licks had kicked in the teeth of many a sketch, and one or two fæcesbook stati.

The genius of C&C was that they were pretty much sounding out a convoluted graphic novel space-opera, to the soundtrack that defined it. This was sort of an assumed premise which meant that my head would try and spool out the imagery that went along with it. When I wasn’t playing air guitar.

*neoww wow wow wow, neoww wow wow wow*