Vietnam (outward)

X 42-43: Vietnam

The junks that pantomime around Ha Long Bay are nevertheless quite beautiful. In ways, there are probably bits of genuine culture that will survive even in the most septic tourism conglomerations, because their niche is that low-key, or their function so crucial that the people who purvey the trade rely on them in a very genuine way. Aspects of boat-craft in this case being the fore mooring, shaped like a dragon head. Worn and battered beyond all suspicion of pretense, the crew would gather on it, smoke their ratty cigarettes, and treat us with the disregard we deserved.

In stark contrast, the valkyrie bearing the victorious home. I could type “Airports fascinate me”, but airports are amazing; lets spare each other the illusion of subjectivity, lets do.
Also, passengers’ legs.

Also, design for my drybag. Can’t get the proportions right. It’ll be called Gift though.