New Sketchbook Day BDSE

BONUS Double Sketchbook Edition

I know, I did not draw that and it is an image. I finished my two current sketchbooks shortly after returning from SNG, which means fresh white meat; one slab large, one small. Slab the Smaller will be this lovely little number bequeathed to me when I left for SNG, only entering service now. It slips neatly but solidly in the backpocket, which is what one wants Slab the Smaller to do: rigidity is not an issue.

Finishing a sketchbook is very rewarding, which is why I do it so infrequently. The penultimate thing I want to do is relive the experience ’til it becomes threadbare and is dismissed.

I have a slow-growing pile of completed sketchbooks on my shelf. “Completed” is a somewhat misleading term, as I don’t specialise in full-spread illustrations, use of negative space or extensive patterns, thus any blank portion of a page could be added to: however, not gon’ happen. That said, there are usually a few pages left blank for one reason or another; incomplete or not at all commenced. What of them?

Anyway. Scanner not working, nothing else ’til I find the software.  Meanwhile, I’ll get started on our lovely friend above.

thanks Mo